How I adore them! Those words that sound as if they were pieces of art, created with great passion. Avant-garde compositions, created to give pleasure to our auditory perception.

Every language offers words of this kind.

My latest discovery though is the term DISCOMBOBULATED. Sounds complicated? It certainly is. And to those of you (my German readers) who are a little irritated right now - that's just great! Because it's exactly what this very special word means, which to my ears sounds much more exciting than "confused".

I recently discovered it in a WhatsApp that I received from my American (host) sister on the GAPProgram in 1986 and 1987. We still regularly exchange news, and have been doing so for almost 40 years now. And every now and then she reminds me that the German language also has some "discombobulations" to offer. Well, who would have guessed :-)

Anyway, I immediately integrated the term into my English vocabulary and considered it worthwhile to introduce it to my "Rückenwind" students at the Gymnasium soon. Dear Deb, thanks for the input!